Thursday, 31 January 2008

Meme (5 facts about me)

I've been tagged by Rosie (Rosie bakes a peace of cake) to do a 5 facts about me meme,

1- I'm a complete Star Trek nut I love it, esp Captain Archer (from Enterprise) *sigh*
2-I'm the sports fan in my house, lol its me you'll find following the latest footy scores not OH
3-I have a fear of moths & sharks, don't feel comfortable at the beach & have left my house twice in the middle of the night cos of moths!
4-I'm a complete magazine addict and am sure I've got enough to open a newsagents
5-I was quiz champion all the way through primary school & still love quiz shows

Thanks Rosie this has been fun. as I'm kinda new to the blogging community I'll have to think about who I'll tag if thats ok! :-)


Donna said...

Hello! Thank you for dropping by my blog and I'm so glad you liked it!! AND a TREKKIE!!LOLOL Love it!!! See you soon Girl!! And I really love your cooking site!! I'll be checking in lots!! Have a Happy day!!

Rosie said...

Thank you SO much C & T C for taking part in this meme! I really enjoyed reading this and finding out more about you :) I did giggle at number 4 - heehee that's me with magazines too so i'm in good company!!

No rush sweetie about tagging anyone yet and do it at your leisure please! I know how it can be when you first start out in blogging :)

Rosie x

Maria said...

Enjoyed reading your meme ;o)


Happy cook said...

I am surprise dto hear about you beeing a sports fan :-)

Cooking and the City said...

Donna, thanks for visiting & your lovely comments. LOL yes I'm a TREKKIE & proud of it :-) Happy day to you too :-)

Rosie, glad you liked reading my meme thanks again for tagging me. LOL now I know where all the magazines I missed out on are;)

Maria thanks as always for visiting & your lovely comment :-)

Happy Cook thanks for stopping by, lots of people are surprised esp since I'm also a very girly girl. just love my football tho :-)

thanks again, everyone, eally appreciate it :-)

ruthEbabes said...

I hate moths and sharks too.... actually i hate swimming in the sea for fear of touching any fish! And my poor hubby has to get rid of moths for me. I'm fine with spiders and stuff but moths are a whole different thing.

Thanks for sharing, learnt loads about you.

Jeena said...

Great meme Cooking. It's fun to know more about about other bloggers. :-)

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