Friday, 22 February 2008

I've Been Meme'd

Hello I've been meme'd by Maria from the Goddess's Kitchen, a fabulous blog, please pay a visit soon :-)

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago I was working in a very stressful job ( a welfare service centre for the disabled) with very unsupportive people. I decided on a whim to walk away, something I have not regretted. I was also re-evaluating my marriage after 14 years. this time I made the choice to work harder at it & on the 2nd of february I celebrated my 24th wedding anniversary! (I married two months before my 19th Birthday

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Much the same as I am now. cooking baking & toying with the idea of starting my own food blog. as you can see I've finally given it a go, & I love doing it

Five snacks you enjoy

Vegemite toast
cheese on crackers
chips (crisps)
binka's (Aussie lollies made with natural favourings)
Lollygobbleblissbombs (LOL yes thats all one word) a toffe/caramel kinda popcorn

5 Things I would do if I was a millionaire

1- Travel to Croatia to see where my OH grew up
2- buy a hotel for cats/animals
3- buy a house
4- go on a world wide shopping spree
5- help my family

5 Bad Habits

1- I fidget
2- I talk a lot
3- I am very impatient
4- I leave things untill the last minute
5- like Maria I'm also impatient with people who walk slowly in front of me. tho if feeling especially miffed am likely to say something like, "will the traffic please move to the side" or "make way for the lady with the gigantic pin". I promise not often tho ;-)

5 things you like doing?

Watching star trek Enterprise (as said before i'm a fanatic)
Cooking and blogging
listening to music

5 things you would never wear again

1- leggings with stirrups, I mean why punish ones self again
2- puff ball skirts
3- shoulder pads
4- blonde hair (sorry but am so much more suited to brunette) but you never know ;-)
5- a full fringe (bangs) not a good look for me

5 Favourite Toys

sorry but am not really good with gadgets so apart from our new TV, nothing really

Maria thanks for tagging me its been a lot of fun.

the people I'm tagging are Jeena from Jeena's Kitchen, Jennyfer from Jennyfer's Culinary Creations, Robin from Made with love, Sarah from Sarah's Cooking Escapades and Uma from Essence of Andhra.


Maria said...

Dell I've been sat here cracking up at what you said, "will the traffic please move to the side"! I can totally relate and on bad days I am often heard saying something like, "for gods sake will you move", hehehe.

Thanks for doing this and I really enjoyed the read. Your a sweetheart.


Uma said...

Hi Dell,

Thanks for the meme. I will come up with the answers soon. Thanks for considering me.

And Congratulations on your award. Your blog is really excellent.

ruthEbabes said...

I love these memes for the sake of learning more about the people I hear from pretty much everyday now!

Pixie said...

I totally forgot about leggings with stirrups!!! I can't believe how popular they were and how much I used to love them too.

Uma said...

Hi dear Dell,

Finally I have come up with some answers for the 'meme'. Check my website at


Robin said...

I finally did it! I had to steal your shoulder pad no-no! Seriously, what were we thinking? Hahaha! I wasn't even all that old during that fad and I remember many an outfit with shoulder pads! Thanks for thinking of me!

Passionate baker...& beyond said...

Hi Dell...thanks for dropping by. I stopped at the cupcakes the minute I got to your blog, & then went onto your meme. Was great to read it & find loads of similarities (incl those of the impatient kind!!). Am glad you enjoyed doing it...made for great reading!! Lol