Saturday, 10 May 2008

An Award :)

I was both surprised and touched when I was looking through some blogs I visit earlier today and noticed that lovely Robin from made with love had given me the you make my day award. thank you very much Robin I haven't been blogging much lately due to not feeling well so your lovely kind gesture is very much appreciated. again many thanks :-)

the people I'm passing the award on to are

Robin from made with love (yes I know but I really enjoy her blog)
Danielle from make no little meals
Ruth from Ruths kitchen experiments
sarah from homemade
Kevin from closet cooking
swati from sugarcraft India

I know I chose 6 but these are all people with fantastic blogs that I enjoy very much :-)


Kevin said...

Thanks for the award!

Ruth Elkin said...

Awwww! Thank you hun! You've totally made my day yet again!!! Love you!

Danielle said...

Awe! Thanks!!! You're too kind...and you made my day with this for sure! :)

Sarah said...

Yeah! Thanks so much for this award...glad to know I can help out. Have a great day! :)

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Congrats Dear..
You are too sweet and you surely made my day too :)) Thanks so much !!

Swati: Sugarcraft India said...

Hi again..I have something for you at my blog...:))

Chocolate banana muffins

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