Monday, 12 January 2009

Menu Plan Monday

That's right I've decided to go with menu planning again. why? because it works! I find when I actually bother to plan a menu I save money & my family eats better. for more great menu ideas please visit Organized Junkie.

Monday- pot roast & vegies
Tuesday- gazpacho
Wednesday- steak florentine
Thursday- pasta
Friday- jaffles
Saturday- mystery meal ;-)
Sunday- mystery meal ;-)


Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

I look forward to seeing your menus, Dell. Steak florentine sounds good; I've never had that before.

Happy cook said...

Delicious? Looking to the pic i am drooling.

Dee said...

Menu planning will never work for me. It'll be mystery meal every day of the week! Uhm, what are jaffles? I should know this, shouldn't I?

Cooking and the City said...

Hi Dee! jaffles are toasted sandwiches made in one of those electric sandwich maker thingys. I've always known them as jaffles, yum :-)

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