Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Next Platinum Chef Challenge :)

I was completely surprised & thrilled when Kate from Paved With Good Intentions awarded me the winner of the last Platinum Chef Challenge! as the winner I get to host this PCC. am sorry its taken so long to get on to it, truthfully as its my first time winning & hosting an event I've been really nervous, but have finally got around to it. I've gone for ingredients that are hopefully available all over & I'm looking forward to the dishes eveyone makes with them.

my five challenge ingredients are as follows!

Onions- brown, red, spring onions, white, it's your choice

Apricots- fresh (if you can) but canned or dried are fine

Cream- thickened cream, sour cream, whatever you use or have available

Nuts- as I'm not sure whats exactly around at this time world wide I'm leaving the actual type of nuts open. walnuts, peanuts, cashews, hazelnuts, whatever

Butternut pumpkin- or a pumpkin/squash you have available in your area

To take part please make either one or two dishes that include the above ingredients. you can use all the 5 ingredients in one dish or make 2, example dinner & a dessert! if more than one dish is made at least 2 of the challenge ingredients must be used in each dish. you can repeat an ingredient in each dish.
when you've created your dish/s please write a post on your blog linking back to this post, then send an email to dellene4@yahoo.com by midnight (Australian time) tuesday february 24th 2009. please include



Name of your dish/s and your blog

Pictures you want in the Round-up

Link to the PCC in your blog

(If you do not have a blog, send recipes and photos in your email and I will include you in the PCC Round-up )


Happy cook said...

If i cook with these ingridients i will sure send you the post.

Cooking and the City said...

thank you Happy Cook! it would be lovely if you send something :-)

That Girl said...

So exciting!

Cookie said...

Thanks girl! I can't wait to start being creative. :)

Cookie said...

Does pumpkin count as pumpkin/squash?

Cooking and the City said...

Hi Cookie! I notice in some places they say either butternut pumpkin or butternut squash, so yes for this pumpkin or squash (whatever its called in your area) counts. just to be clear I'm talking about those like in my picture or the type you make halloween lanterns from!

Dellene B :) xxoo

ps its hard when stuff is called by different names depending where you live! really looking forward to seeing what you make Cookie :-)

Ruth E said...

Wow Congrats!!!! And great choice of ingredients!

Cookie said...

Sorry one more question. Can we use Apricot Preserve?

Jerri - Simply Sweet Home said...

Hi Dell. I have some awards for you at my blog.

Cooking and the City said...

Ruth, thank you so much sweetie :-)

Cookie, yes apricot preserve is fine & please feel free to ask any questions you like :-)

Jerri, I really appreciate your kindness, thank you for my awards :-)

Ben said...

I have never heard of this event before, but I will try to prepare something for it. writing it down in my food event calendar right now :)

Happy cook said...

DO we have to cook with all the five ingridients.

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